Politics research project

All the instructions are in red in the file below, please do it carefully!

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Use theorist’s name as Title then provide brief resumé giving theorist’s birth – death dates; place of birth, place of working life at profession(s); main oeuvres, publication dates (50 words)

Balancing (define each of the 5 variables using theorist’s words—average 50-120 words each)

Identity, unity, community–involve morality, legality, conscience… rule of law v. rule by law

appeals to history, courage, boldness, wisdom, magnanimity embodied in country’s past; appeals to values & ideologies promising future accomplishments & rewards—seen in willingness to pay taxes, comply with law, accept sacrifice, danger, hardship
collective control of behavior of individuals & groups, with persuasive or coercive incentives or sanctions (legal, material, moral, spiritual, professional, etc.); memberships in international organizations