please apa need references and mist citations no plagarism 1&2 in different docs

1)Suppose that you are employed as a a data mining consultant for an Internet search engine company. Describe how data mining can help the company by giving specific examples of how techniques such as clustering, classification, association rule mining, and anomaly detection can be applied.300-400 words

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2)Discussion question (Instructor)

In Chapter 2 of the text – Managing & Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach, the chapter discusses why information systems experience failure often because of organizational strategy. A classic example of this type of failure can be seen in the failure of Blackberry.

Reply to this Discussion question (800 or more words)

Using the lessons learned in Chapter 2 of the text about organizational strategy and the relationship to information systems failure, analyze the case of Blackberry. Blackberry phones in the 90’s were the phone to have. You must have 4 scholarly journal articles to support your analysis. Try to find articles that are less than 5 years old. Include one article about the Blackberry failure which will probably be an older article from the news.