plays since the times of ancient Greece, English Lit Discussion Responses Week 7 help

I need 2 substantive responses to the 2 included posts that my classmates shared in discussion this week. Substantive responses should have a minimum of 50 words.

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“Humans have created and performed plays since the times of ancient Greece, and probably long before that. What is there about drama (including its modern forms such as television and film) that makes it so important a part of human culture? Along with your response, please list a play, along with its author, that you find particularly well done, and share it with the class. Please explain why you chose it.”

#1: Drama is important to our culture as it entertains as well as teaches history and fosters cultural exchange to the masses. It can stimulate creativity or take your mind off a difficult day. A play creates a protagonist with character flaws that the live audience can relate to. A character’s costume, scenery and monologues can supply the audience with many details, replacing the need for a narrator. It can be more intellectually stimulating for the audience to interpret the plot, setting and imagery.

I enjoyed the play “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller. It won the Pulitzer Prize in 1949 and is revered as one of the best plays of its time. It beautifully exposes common emotions such as betrayal, regret and manipulation that everyone has experienced at one point in their lives and can empathize and relate to the characters. It portrays identity loss and the inability of Willy to accept change and adapt to life situations such as infidelity and estranged family relationships.


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#2: My interpretation of drama, in the performance sense, is an up close and personal, live, and intimate experience that the human race has been fulfilling for centuries. According to Kirszner & Mandell (2013) plays possess a script divided into a number of acts throughout.

Drama, in the sense of modern television and films, is generational. You think of watching I Love Lucy on TV and Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train to TV sitcoms in the 90’s like Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond and how these shows influenced our fashion and social cultures during their respective era’s. Another example of how drama influenced and still influences us today is that it has always been a setting where people gather together. Kirszner & Mandel (2013) tell about the Palais Royal theater as a brightly lit by candles, even during performances, because there was not an efficient way to extinguish that many candles and partly because people came to the theater not only to see a play but to socialize with each other.

I love musical theater and the very first musical I went to was Wicked, originally written by Stephen Schwartz, performed at the Boulder Dinner Theater (BDT). I chose this simply because when I attended this show in the very small theater, I was hooked. For those of you who have gone to the BDT you understand the intimate atmosphere it has, being able to interact with the performers because they are actually the servers and hosts during intermissions and in between acts, it was all in all a great experience and encourage anyone who has a chance to attend a show.


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