physics 1

wo weights are hanging as shown in the figure. Part A Find the tension in cable if = 79.0 and = 170 . ANSWER: = Answer not displayed Part B Find the tension in cables and . ANSWER: Answer not displayed Problem 5.07 Tension in a Muscle. Muscles are attached to bones by means of tendons. The maximum force that a muscle can exert is directly proportional to its cross-sectional area at the widest point. We can express this relationship mathematically as , where (sigma) is a proportionality constant. Surprisingly, is about the same for the muscles of all animals and has the numerical value of in SI units. Part A What is the SI unit of in terms of newtons and meters? ANSWER: Answer not displayed Part B What are the SI units of in terms of newtons and meters and also in terms of the fundamental quantities (, , )? ANSWER: Answer not displayed Part C In one set of experiments, the average maximum force that the gastrocnemius muscle in the back of the lower leg could exert was measured to be 751 for healthy males in their midtwenties. What does this result tell us was the average cross-sectional area, in , of that muscle for the people in the study? Express your answer using two significant figures. ANSWER: = Answer not displayed