Personal selling discussion boards

1/ •Identify/Select two (2) sales presentation videos on YouTube. Watch them and critique them. Assess these questions. (Post the links of the videos AND your critiques of each video.)

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Does the salesperson use non-words such as “like” and “you know”?

Does the person talk too slowly or too rapidly?

Is the information presented with clarity?

What would you change about the presentation? What can you apply to your own presentations?

2/ Emotional links are the connectors between your messages and the internal emotions of the prospect.

What words do you (personally) find to be most persuasive? List at least five.

How do words build emotional links to customers?

3/ Think of a time when you’ve changed providers, what caused your attrition? Was it service dissatisfaction, product failure, price, or some other reason?

Explain how could the company have kept your business?

—– All the three questions have to be between 8 to 12 lines.