Personal Paper About Connection to Musical Theatre Paper

Watch this video:

  • There you will see some clips from shows you may know, have heard of or are new to you.
  • As you watch look at the design elements (lights, set, makeup, costumes.)
  • Listen to the music and lyrics and how the styles change based on the show’s subject.
  • Watch the actors and notice the choreography or dancing.

There are two parts to the assignment.

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#1 Write a short introduction about yourself and your connection to musical theatre. This can be as simple as your name, major and something as simple as, “I have never seen a live or movie musical in my life but am excited to learn” to something more complex that lets us know, that “I have been performing and watching live and movie musicals since my childhood. Here are a few of my favorites…”

No worries about your experience. This course is designed to introduce the uninitiated to musical theatre while also allowing those more experienced a chance to examine known material in new ways.

In which you share your reaction to three of the show’s featured in the top ten video. You must also respond to one point of the person who posted before you. Please be respectful of any person’s posting. When responding in discussion postings please be aware of how a tone can be misinterpreted by other readers. So please respect your fellow virtual class members when posting your responses.