patient care – 700 words

In review of your prescriptions, what specific symptoms will the patient take Tylenol and ibuprofen? or are you wanting them to be taken around the clock vs. PRN?

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I noticed several times in your post that you referred to how physicians (or doctors) would care for a Michelle. What was the rationale for discussing the physician perspective? and is the standard of care different for an APRN?

Based on the patient’s presentation, how will you manage her in the clinic? What criteria both objective and subjective will enable you to determine if she is going home vs. to the ER?

At what point would you decide she needs a referral to a higher level of care or to a specialist?

Will there be any changes to managing her asthma at this time?

When will she follow up with you to discuss her diary?

How would you educate the patient that she should follow up sooner or go to the ER? What would you like her to know?