Organise my sentences

I have to write one page and I need someone correct my sentences and organise them witch one come first witch one come next and edit if I need and do the APA style:

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that what my teacher want:

You will choose a type of classroom, grade level, and population of students served to complete this project. Write two to three paragraphs explaining your “dream” classroom setting include (a) classroom type, (b) grade level(s), and (c) population of students. Create a scale model of an appropriate classroom arrangement. Be creative and include what you deem as important materials (furniture, curriculum, technology, etc). Your layout should be created on poster board. You may use any materials you choose to designate furniture, etc. Each area should be labeled based on function within the classroom. In addition to the poster board, you will write a one to two-page summary/reflection about the classroom design to explain why you set up the room in the way that you did.

This includes the a picture of the posterboard drawing of the classroom, the paragraph about the type of classroom (dream classroom), and a 1 to 2-page summary providing reasons for the placement of technology, special areas, seating arrangements, and materials in the classroom poster board.

I will attached what I wrote and the picture of my dream class so you can match my words with the picture