Operational Risk Events

Identify and briefly describe 10 examples of Operational Risk events (2017 to 2020) from the regulatory filings.

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For each event, include the following:
1. Categorize the loss events into one or more Basel Level 1 Event Types, based on the Basel detailed event type classification. Explain the rationale for choosing the event type(s).

2. Evaluate what details in the event would need to change so that you would categorize the event in another Basel Level Event Type.

Use a table format to prepare your responses, with 10 rows (one for each event) and the following six fields as the heading. (please see the attachment for table format)

Please see the picture and article for Basel 1 Event category.

Below are sample sites for regulatory enforcement in different industries. You can refer to the Lecture notes for more sources or find ones we have not yet discussed.

Maximum length: 3 pages. (Includes citations and references. Concise bullet points may be used.)

Required: Sources used must be provided in academic citation format. Responses should reflect your original viewpoints, with direct use of text / ideas by others clearly cited in your writing followed by references at the end.