One Page interview on student paper

Pierce Field is freshman attending at Dowling College and is majoring in Aviation Management. Peirce was born in New York and lived has lived here since then. His family background is German, Egyptian, Irish, Porte Rican, Italian, and Czechoslovakian. Pierce and his family always read grace before dinner. Peirce is not the first child in his family to attend college. His mother works as a pharmacy technician. An invention that hasn’t been created that needs to be invented is a cure to all heath problems. He would love to me president JFK. An historical event that he would like to visit is World War II. His favorite movie is That’s My Boy. His favorite rock band is A Day to Remember. His favorite websites are YouTube and Google. After graduating college Pierce would like to peruse in his career and start his life. He is also working as a part-timer at FedEx working overnight shifts. On Pierce’s free time he likes to bowl, read, listen to music, and play video games.

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