Older Americans Act discussion

it is a total of 4 questions here are the questions:

1) The OAA is a hallmark piece of legislation when thinking about programs and services for older adults. What are the major components of the legislation? How has the OAA changed over time? How has the implementation of the OAA changed over time?

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2) What do the profiles of older adults look like today and how does it differ from the past? What implications do the current and future profiles have for the programs and services available for older adults?

3) What are multipurpose senior centers and how do they differ from other types of groups specifically for older adults? What services and benefits do they offer to older adults? What are the pros and cons of having age limits to be participants for these centers?

4) Volunteering is something we can do at any point in the lifespan. Why is it so important when considering older adults? What are the benefits to the person, organization, and society of older adult volunteerism? How has volunteering been promoted to increase older adult participation?

LENGTH AND FORMATING: The paper should be between 8-10 pages in length (not including your title page and references). Submit using the Moodle website. All questions need to be in a single document; you can only attach one file to submit.

ALL papers in this class should be in APA (6th Edition) format (see: https://www.apastyle.org/learn/index.aspx). This means that you must have headings and subheadings and component parts (introduction, body, conclusions) for each question, and proper citations and references. Not being familiar with APA format is not an excuse to have a poorly presented paper. You must have proper grammar, paragraphs, punctuation, and spelling. Do not use lists. Do not use quotes. All papers should be in Courier, Times New Roman, or Arial font, 12-point size. Margins should be 1 inch all around, with no additional spaces in between paragraphs or sections of the paper. Use page breaks as necessary (e.g., after the title page and before the reference page). If you are unfamiliar with APA style, look it up.

You must include empirical references (in APA style) that are NOT solely Internet sites. Empirical means that your citations are from actual research studies and not just reviews of the literature or opinions that happened to be published somewhere. This is not to exclude other RELIABLE sources, but you need empirical articles for every question. While I encourage you strongly to take advantage of all available technologies to locate these empirical sources, you are not to rely upon unreliable websites for information. Unreliable websites for this class are defined by any internet address that does not end in .edu or .gov. Some .org websites are very high quality (e.g., for Kaiser Foundation, etc.), but if you are not sure, do not use it.