Obstetrics and Gynecology, health and medicine homework help

The health care field has a diverse work force. After reading Chapter 7, imagine that you have the job of staffing a new medical clinic offering each of these three specialties:

a. Internal Medicine; b.Obstetrics and Gynecology; c. Pediatric care

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You can choose to make the clinic small or large, profit or nonprofit, and you can choose the location.  

Include the following:  

  • Location and size and mission of your clinic
  • How many physicians and/or midlevel providers would be needed for each department;
  • What clinical support staff (and how many) would be needed and salary range of each
  • What management would be needed and describe their role and salary range;
  • What support staff would be needed for the front desk, billing office, coding and compliance, etc.   Describe roles and salary ranges;
  • Determine what salary and staffing needs may be, based on your decision about how large the clinic will be and it’s location. You can search the internet for further information regarding salary requirements for the health care workers that would staff this clinic.