1. Describe some of the diet and health connections between a child and a senior citizen? Provide examples. AT LEAST 2 PARAGRAPHS AND 1 REFERENCE SOURCE. APA FORMAT
  2. Case study: Sarah is 28 years old and 7 months pregnant with her third child. Her other children are 2-1⁄2 and 1-1⁄2 years old. She had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries. Sarah is 5′ 6″ tall; she weighed 142 pounds at the beginning of this pregnancy, which made her pre-pregnancy BMI 23. She has gained 24 pounds so far. Prior to her first pregnancy, her BMI was 20 (124 pounds). She is unhappy about her weight gain, but the stress of having two young children and being a stay-at-home mom made losing weight impossible. She went online for her MyPlate plan, which recommends she consume 2,400 calories per day. She doesn’t think she eats that much because she seems to have constant heartburn. She takes a prenatal supplement, so she feels confident that even if her intake is not perfect, she is getting all the nutrients she needs through her supplement.

Category A: Does she have any risk factors for a high-risk pregnancy? Explain your answer. Evaluate her pre-pregnancy weight and weight gain thus far. How much total weight should she gain? Explain your answer. Is her attitude about supplements appropriate? What would you tell her about supplements? Explain.

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Category B:Based on the 2,400-calorie meal pattern, what foods should Sarah eat more of? What food is she eating more than the recommended amounts? How would you suggest she modify her intake to minimize heartburn? What would you tell her about weight gain during pregnancy? What strategies would you suggest to her after her baby is born that would help her regain her healthy weight? Devise a 1-day menu for her that provides all the food she needs in the recommended amounts and alleviates her heartburn.