Nutrition Self Study and Evaluation Assignment help

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Hi I need help with one of my assignments (#4).  Directions are below.  I will also attach the previous assignments to refer to in order to answer the questions.

Assignment 4 – Nutrition Self Study and Evaluation :


The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 form follow the directions for saving it.

Directions:  For this  assignment, use the three-day food record, the information from ChooseMyPlate, and the information from your Diet Analysis 10+ to evaluate your intake. You will be comparing your diet to the the 2010 Dietary Guidelines as a standard, and you will write 5 to 8 complete sentences for each of the guidelines.  Refer to:  2010 Dietary Guidelines

Each Guideline is based on the relationship between lifestyle, diet and certain chronic diseases. Discuss whether you meet, don’t meet each guideline, or it is not applicable.

Discuss what is meant by moderation if it is stated or implied in the guideline. Evaluate your compliance to each guideline.

Use BOTH Choose My Plate output (assignment 2) AND Diet Analysis output (Assignment 3) per guideline.


Consume less than 10 percent of calories from saturated fats and less than 300 mg/day

of cholesterol, and keep trans fatty acid consumption as low as possible.

-> According to my Diet Analysis +10 computer average, I am consuming an average of 100% per day of my saturated fat intake. This means that I am consuming 10% of my total calories from saturated fatty acids. I have high blood cholesterol and saturated fat is not essential, so even though I am meeting my allowance, I need to decrease the amount of saturated fat in my diet. My dietary cholesterol is 200 mg/day and the DRI and computer guidelines state that I should be consuming less than 300 mg/day, therefore I meet this guideline. According to the 3-day average, my trans fatty acid intake is high, which means I am not meeting this guideline. I need to cut down my fast-food intake and buy less processed foods containing partially hydrogenated fats.

Generalized comments like “I do not meet guideline”, “my intake is over/under recommendations”, “my diet is not healthy” etc are not acceptable.