Nutrition Question

The following tasks are to be completed this week:

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  1. Read… Chapters 7 and 8 in your textbook.
  2. Participate… in this week’s Discussion Board where we will be talking about supplements. Your initial post should be completed by Thursday night, then two follow-up posts are due by Saturday night.
  3. Complete and Submit… Diet Analysis Project Segment 2. This will take a bit of time, so be sure to plan accordingly. To help familiarize you with how the Diet & Wellness Plus program works you will be setting up a “profile” for a fictional client, and entering 3 days of food and activities. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and thoroughly! The information must be entered into the Diet & Wellness Plus program exactly as it appears on your client’s “Profile Sheet”.

Take… Quiz 3 will cover the information from this week’s textbook readings.