Nutrition: Obesity Among Kids, health and medical assignment help


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  1. You will select a specific nutrition-related topic that interests you for this project. Then find a research article (peer reviewed) on that topic from a professional journal that was published within the last five years.

If you are unsure if the article is from a professional journal, please show me in advance.

Sources that are not professional journals: Newsweek, Time, USA Today, Consumer Reports, Baltimore Sun, etc.

  1. You must post the full text article to Blackboard.
  2. You will prepare a five minute (or under) PowerPoint presentation that reviews the article. Post the PowerPoint to Blackboard.

Minimum Requirements for the Presentation:

Title, Date and Name of Journal

Summary of article: What was studied? How many subjects? What research methods were used etc.


Future Implications – What’s important about this study going forward?

Your personal opinion of the article

Reference Page with Citation in APA format