Nursing process, week 1 disc 5 help

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do a paragraph about this post with this instruction .

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praise a class mate. If you agree with a classmate, explain why, give an
example, share what you learned in the readings

Nursing process can be defined as a systematic problem-solving steps that guides all nursing actions in order to provide an excellent care. The purpose of nursing process is to help the nurse to provide that evidence-based and goal directed as well as client-centered care that patients need. Whereas, research process is a systematic and scientific inquiry or investigation of all observed data to test a null hypothesis. 
“The nursing process and the research process share similarities because: Both are involved in abstract and critical thinking, both processes help in development of new information, discovering of relationships and making predictions about phenomena, both processes involve gathering of information, identification of problems, planning, data collection and analysis, implementation and evaluation, both processes are reviewed for effectiveness and efficiency, Implementation of both processes enhances the user’s knowledge” (Grove, Gray & Burns, 2015, p. 39.).
While nursing process involved the following steps; Assessment, Diagnosis, Outcomes and Planning, Implementation and Evaluation, research process follows the following stages; Identifying the research problem, Formulating research objectives/questions and hypothesis, selecting method of primary and secondary data collection, Assessing /Data analysis, Conducting the literature review, reaching a conclusion and completing the research by discussing if there are any limitations to the research.
Assessment in nursing process involve data collection which include physiological, psychological, sociocultural, spiritual, economic as well as life style factors, however in research process, the first step is to select the research area by determining the problem as well as defining the question we are going to answer in this research.
Diagnosis in nursing process involves the identification of the patient’s health needs related to his or her response to actual or potential health conditions or needs, while in research process, it is formulating of research objective and hypothesis development. At this stage in research process, it is when we find the general background of the problem we are trying to find a solution to. “Accuracy of nurses’ data interpretation (diagnosis) should be a serious concern of nurses in both practice and education because interpretations of patient data serve as the basis for selecting the nursing interventions that will achieve patient positive outcomes” (Lunney, 2008). Low accuracy of nurses’ diagnosis can lead to harm to our patients as well as absence of positive outcome so we have to be extra careful when doing this.
Outcomes and Planning in nursing process involves nurses’ prioritization of the patient’s nursing diagnosis, this when identification of and writing out of outcomes and goals-long term and short term comes in, then we develop specific interventions, record plan and communicate same to other members of the health care team. On the other hand, in research process, conducting a literature at this stage is the collection of secondary data by utilizing a wide range of books, journals, online articles, school library, as well as newspaper.
In implementation phase of the nursing process, this involve patient focused and outcome directed being implemented according to plan. It might also involve delegation of actions previously planned, education or instruction of patient for further health management as well as proper documentation in a patients record for continuity of care, however, in research process, this is when we evaluate the sources of our information, finding out if this information we get from all these sources are credible, reliable and truthful. 
In nursing process, evaluation is when we judge whether our actions have successfully treated or prevented the patients’ health problem, we re-assess at this point to know if goals were met or not, revise same to ensure the effectiveness of the nursing care plan. Unlike nursing process, reaching a conclusion in research process involve making notes and writing the paper. Here, we write what we have learnt, citing the information properly we have found from the sources we got them to enable other readers to follow our research trail using APA or MLA format and also to avoid being acussed of  plagiarism.