Need you to write me an essay with 750 word ..Draft on feb 11 and full essay feb16 >>

The topic is : Choose any >>> a practice OR experience OR way of being OR way of thinking that is really important to you (Examples, but NOT limited to: a specific sport ( horse back riding ) , a travel experience ( USA ) , eating healthy ( I do that ), , being positive , art, science, technology, reading, a job, volunteer work, et…

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I DONT mind if you make it up your mind i am a girl I’m 21 years old ^ choose any you feel u want to write about
First Draft : by Feb 11 !

essay by : Feb 16 .

For this essay you will write about something important to you in an attempt to persuade your reader to consider the importance of this thing.

Further explanation: Choose a practice OR experience OR way of being OR way of thinking that is really important to you (Examples, but NOT limited to: a specific sport, recycling, a religious belief, meditation, a travel experience, eating healthy, hiking, being positive, art, science, technology, reading, a job, volunteer work, et…).Explain to your readers (myself and your peers) why this is important to you through a personal, vivid example. Let your readers into your experience.

Finally, you want to persuade your readers to consider adopting this practice/way of thinking/ way of being into their own lives. You want your reader to consider its benefit(s). In order to do this, you will want to use persuasive language and techniques, such as ethos, pathos, logos. And in order to be effectively persuasive you will need to use one source to support your point and overall argument. This could be something you read in a book or magazine or an online article that you read from a reliable/credible source like The New York Times or The New Yorker and the likes (not a random person’s blog).

You can and should use the pronoun “I,” just to be clear! This is about you!

I will give you feedback on your first draft that you will need to take into consideration for your required revised draft. Your revised draft should be noticeably different than your first draft— improved based on peer feedback from peer-review and my feedback on your papers. (Consider utilizing the Writing Center for help).

With your revised draft, you will include a 200-300 word short essay describing the significant revision changes you made and how they improved the draft. Also, explain what you learned in the revision process (about the piece of writing and/or the writing process).

Other Criteria:

– Cite your source at the end of your paper & quotes in-text (APA or MLA citation).

– Times New Roman, Ariel, or any other clean font, 12 point font, Double Spaced

– Your name & a title at the top of the paper

– Page numbers

Writing Goals:

-To write vividly and engagingly

-To show attention to organization and logical flow of ideas

-To practice narrative writing

-To practice the art of persuasion

-To start minor research

-To practice incorporating minor research for the sake of supporting your argument/main point(s)