Need sociology help with Public Administration and Management

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Your Major Concepts essay gives you an opportunity to apply what you have learned so far to a current event. The first few chapters of your course textbook have covered numerous major concepts in Public Administration, think about a current event that you may have read about that can illustrate these concepts.

Describe a recent (within past 6 months) event (can be local, state, or national) that illustrates three major core concepts of Public Administration, such as: the bureaucracy, representative democracy, federalism, bureaucratic power, transparency, and accountability.

Write a short 2–4-page essay (not including your title and references pages) in which you do the following:

  • Identify at least 3 major concepts of Public Administration that relate to your chosen event (refer to Chapters 1–3 of Milakovich & Gordon)

  • Research your event and cite at least two credible sources in your essay, while also evaluating the credibility of your sources. Information on evaluating the credibility of sources can be found under Doc Sharing. Be sure to define the concepts completely and use examples to illustrate your points.