Need social science help to reply to a comment in five lines

In need replay to the following comment:

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The difference between inter and intra is important when you are talking about intergovernmental relations. Intergovernmental relations are crucial if you want to be successful in anything you do. A lot of thinking and coordination has to be brought into play when deciding factors could change something major. When thinking about the Spokane area, one would not consider all the connecting areas as a different location. But they are. Intra-system is this thought process that you would only have to consider the Spokane boundaries in decision making. This would leave out Spokane Valley, Airway Heights, Millwood, and other close cities.  Each of these areas have their own government, thought process, and decision making units. If each of these areas did not consider working together, could you imagine how the cities would reflect one another? There would be absolutely no follow through. Not working as a collaborating team could potentially send the areas into a funnel of doom. Spokane does see intergovernmental relations as important, so these areas are able to work together and plan things out for the better of the community. Intergovernmental relations are important in Spokane, as they are else where. Even larger metropolitan areas would not be able to function without the governments working together. The area around Los Angeles would be imanginable without the process of intergovernmental relations. In all the different areas of Public Administration, the people have to be willing to work with each other and collaborate. Working together provides more ideas, knowledge, and understanding. These relations need to be done across the board of different areas to make sure that nobody is negatively effected. Intergovernmental relations is important to keep in mind as someone works through their way through the public sector.