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The ___________ is a set of laws governing such issues as unionization, employee representation rights, interfering with union affairs, and employment discrimination.


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Which of the following is NOT one of the four activities involved in training and development?

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Which of the following is NOT one of the four conditions internal resources have to meet in order to be of great importance according to the resource-based view?

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The Affordable Care Act ______________.

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Which of the following does the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act apply to?

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______________ refers to the degree to which an organization is able to maximize the productivity of given resources, produce a given amount of output with minimal resources, or accomplish both.

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The item “additional tasks as assigned by direct supervisor” is most likely to appear in the ______ section of a job description.

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______ are set by an organization to address its position in relation to its competitors.

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Which of the following do “ergonomics” most directly address?

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The purpose of a ______ is to compare the current workforce level of proficiency against the level of proficiency required and identified by an organization for each of its core competencies.