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So what I need is to correct my grammar and if something need to be rewritten please do so. Do not have time to check it. Also In the end you have questions that I need the answer for. So you can read my text and you will have idea what this workshop was about and you will be able to continue and complete this questions please. If you think paper need different organization please help me and do so.

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December first I attanded the psychodrama workshop. The workshop was held in Chicago. The person that lead the workshop was Shelley J. Korshak. Shelley is Medical Director of chciago Psychotherapy and Psychiatry, and adjunt Faculty in the Department of Psychiatry at the university of Chicago. Doctor Shelley seemed very compenten person, the way how she was presenting herself and what this workshop will be about definitely showed that I came to the right place to learn a lot from that experience.

The begining of the workshop I have been observing arraving people and I noticed that we might be a mix of nationalities. Most of us were white, but some people were afro-american, Indian and more. From my experience I know that sometimes is hard to connect with each other because the different background and experience may be a problem with working together.

The workshop started from explain what will be covered during the class and psychodrama and psychodrama as a technic was deeply explained. Overall, Psychodrama is a method of psychotherapy in which person enacts their problems instead of merely talking about them.

Acording to the classical Psychodrama this one started from warm-up. The warm-up had a goal to get to know each other. In this workshop was about twenty participants, more then half of the participants were unknow for me, so during the warm-up we had to pick up the person that we didn’t know and share with each other some information about each other. We had to share what other people like in us and what they don’t like, who do we love and why etc. We were changing partners to share with couple times, so overall I ended knowing almost everybody. The warm-up took around twenty minutes. Also, experience like that is not easy and require some kina of openess to others and not being share or shame of what we want to say and why.

Everybody played their own role in the group. I was not expecting that his workshop will touch so deeply people emotions. I am not sure what I was thinking, but I did not expected other people crying during that workshop. This time that the workshop was held I did not feel strong enough to follow the leader instruction about discovering our deep feelings or emotions, because I felt scared that this workshop will end and I will be left alone and will have to deal with myself alone, and that was to much for me to take tak risk that day. I beleive that this form of psychotherapy is helpful and I saw other members benefits from it, but I couldn’t. I was more observer and listeners during this group. I tried block myself from feeling not pleasant emotions. Some other participants definitely took a risk and talked about their hard moments/emotions and I have noticed that many people could related to talking person story. In that group definitely were people that were more leading and we called them protagonist. The protagonist is the leading character or one of the major characters in a drama, movie, novel, or other fictional text.

I did not feel myself during this workshop, I mean this year and this time right now was not the best for me to participate in that kind of setting. My personal life and issues I am dealing with definitely accected my participation, because I felt anxious and stress out. I believe I would behave completely differently when I would feel myself, because I consider myself as an open-minded and fearless person that is not afraid of sharing and talking with strangers about what hurts me atc. Also, in my family I am the encourager and leading person. Its usually me who is organizing and getting everybody together and telling the rest members what to do and how. So, based on that I am sure that my current situation that I do not have influence affected my participation.

Honestly, even if I tried to block myself from feeling I definitely could not block myself completely. There were some situations where I reacted stronger to compering to others. I remember when We played the “empty chair” and one of the members was talking about sibling, and how she is missing her. I reacted strong to it, because I felt lonely and abandoned. I do not have sibling and all my life I have wanted it, so I felt sad when another person can sit and say I am missing my sister or brother while I cannot say it. I mean as a counselor I have to be aware of my own feelings and emotions. I have to aware own my own struggles, because as a counselor I have to be able to help. I am happy I am going to the therapist to solve many of my own problems and thanks to it I am becoming more aware.

The attitude towards each other was really warm and understandable. People were hugging each other, giving reassurance to each other. Other people were passing the tissues for crying person. Also, group was doing breaks whenever it was needed so everybody could be back in to same page. Whenever the topic was one of the more dramatic like killing or suiciding event the leader took care and pause for checking on everybody to make sure if we could move father.

The group was open and worked together as the group, even the leader said that it has been one f the better groups and sessions she have had so far. I belive we shared high level of compassion and love to other people. No of us seemed being egoistic towards another. People reacted strongly to each other, it happened many times that someone’s tears influenced on other person and that person started to cry as well. Group provided many advices for others from their owns experience and everybody were willing to listen and process. I am sure the group was successful, especially after group pick up the PROTAGONIST that the rest group worked with and could related to. Many people after that presentation could explore their similar feeling towards people from their own life. The group shared deep feelings.

3.) Did any of the therapeutic factors described by Yalom seem to be in operation at the meeting?

4.) After having attended the meeting, do you feel that you might be more comfortable recommending twelve-step groups to people you work with? Why or why not?

5.) Did you observe any of the qualities cited by Duhigg (2012)?

6.) Overall, what meaning or conclusions can you draw from your experience?