Need help with Field Study Assignment (FSA) Report.

Field Study Assignment (FSA) Report

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In order to provide hands-on learning experience, offer a deeper understanding of OM concepts/tools, and fulfill the experiential learning component of the course, each student group is required to complete a FSA Report. (Groups with larger membership have proportionally higher assignment expectations.) Individual peer contribution scores provided by group members will be factored in to arrive at the final grade.

This FSA should address a real-life operational problem at a manufacturing / service facility covering process analysis based on any OM topic area covered in the course. The final deliverable, in the form of a report, should be about 8 pages long (computer-generated, numbered, 1.5 or double-spaced, 12 pt. Times Roman font), excluding cover page, table of content, and appendices, if any, preferably as a MS Word document format. It should have following items: FSA Report Cover Page (with group title, name of group members, course number and title, section number, semester, field study title, etc.); Table of content; Introduction; Operations facility overview; Operations Process Analysis; Improvement Recommendations; Conclusions, and/or Managerial Implications, etc. Photo of all group members participating in this FSA-related activity, which is to be taken at the OM facility, must be included in this report to qualify for credit. This assignment will be checked for originality using Turnitin® system in Canvas.

This FSA Report is due, in writing, in the last day of instruction as indicated below. It can be submitted as a computer-generated file (DOC / DOCX format). Any assignment not turned in by the due date will be marked late (or may not be even accepted) by the Canvas system. FSA Report grades that are marked late will be adjusted accordingly. Any FSA Report not submitted by the due date will receive a grade of zero so manage your time carefully.

I have already started the report and its attached below so you can continue with that. Also, attached below is the FSA proposal that we turned in last month and the book that we are using this semester. If you could add some things related from the book that would be awesome. Please read the FSA proposal first because there we have written about the problems that we saw at that business facility. Also go through the fieldstudy doc and please read the “FSA report” part.

Link for the book :,_Bernard_W._Taylor%5D_Operations( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.