need asap 2 3 pg company profile recording broadcasting and record distribution management p

Company Profile


Submit a Company Profile on a business in one the the following areas:

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  • Recording, Broadcasting, and Record Distribution
  • Management, Promotions, Live Music, Arts Administration
  • Music Products

These profiles will be graded and the posted as a Course Wiki so the information can be easily shared.


The Profile

The first section in a company profile is the header. In this section, you need to give a brief overview of the business:

Name and Logo

Headquarter Address

Mailing Address

Business phone number

Email address

Fax number

Social Media Handles

Company hours

The second section of a company profile is the main body. In the section provide details of the company. State the history and achievement of the business, the scope of the company and the mission statement and the strategy of the business.

Company Description

What business is the company involved in and what is the value promise of the company?

What is the Mission Statement of the company?

Brief history

This should be one paragraph and include the founders, the date the company was founded, and any other essential historical information.


The last section of a company profile example is the footer. In this section information concerning the management team, the employees. Information may include business experience, educational background and personality.


Business Type (i.e. Sole Proprietorship, Closed Corporation, Private Company, Public Company, Trust)

CEO or Owner

Board of Directors