Nebraska High School Japans Changing Population Effects on Its Economy Paper

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Today, India’s government is a form of democratic government in which voters elect representatives and the central government shares power with the states. This is called a

  1. constitutional monarchy.
  2. federal republic.
  3. direct democracy.

What effect do experts feel Japan’s changing population will have on its economy?

  1. Japan will have a shortage of workers and entrepreneurs by 2050.
  2. Japan will see a shift from service industries to manufacturing.
  3. Japan’s workforce will grow because the population will be 20 percent larger.

What is one drawback of building the Three Gorges Dam built on the Chang Jiang river in China?

  1. It improved the habitat for endangered species.
  2. It displaced 1.5 million people.
  3. It has produced no new energy.

What is a monsoon?

  1. a season of heavy rain
  2. a seasonal wind pattern
  3. a type of irrigation

What resulted from the collision of tectonic plates in South Asia 50 million years ago?

  1. Ganges Delta
  2. Himalaya Mountains
  3. Deccan Plateau

What was one effect of China’s population policy that was introduced in 1979?

  1. Young workers began to outnumber the elderly.
  2. Women began to have fewer children.
  3. Family sizes increased.

Confucianism teaches that

  1. subjects should elect their rulers.
  2. only wealthy people should be rulers.
  3. both rulers and subjects have to act properly.