My key decisions this week were based on improving the company’s image, business and finance homework help

Please respond to the following  with feedback 200 words,12 font times,ciatations,and references. 

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My key decisions this week were based on improving the company’s image rating along with consistent profit.  Also, the company operating reports in the Decision/reports menu clearly gives me an advantage by seeing what the previous year performance was like.  If a decision that was made in the previous year worked and was successful, I will usually mimic the same scenario for the upcoming year in regards to my decision making.  Looking at my peers decisions on the business strategy game gives me insight on my future production by using the market snapshot to see what my competition has done for the previous year.  If they are not so successful in their decision making, I will usually to the opposite and benefit from it.  This strategy has served me well in this game and I hope to continue to lead the game with company C.