music: watch the attached Video of a concert and write a report about it

remember before u handle this work, this work is so important to me, so i will revise it many times before i turn it in and i will rate u depend on your work quality such as providing correct and full answers and meet all requirements in the attached instructions. Please avoid the Lack of depth in your response.

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The instructions of the Report Guidelinesare are attached,

The concert recorded info:

  • 1.Symphony No. 4
    1. Composer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovksy
    2. Orchestra: New England Conservatory

    Therefore, Please see the attached instructions carefully and read them all well, and meet all the requirements there. Actually, I attached a copy of a concert report sample. Then, please write the report with minimum 500 words and attach the report as a WORD DOC.