Music: Understanding the Elements of Music

In one long paragraph or more, discuss the importance of learning the musical elements (dynamics, texture, pitch, tonality, phrases, etc.) in order to truly understand and appreciate a musical performance or recording. Why does learn the elements of music enhance musical appreciation?

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How does music become a “visual experience” when the listener does not understand the elements of music?

Are we seeing examples examples of this in society that is obsessed with “Youtube”?

Why is “listening” to music dangerously becoming a lost art in our culture?

Here is an important quote from the most important composer of the 20th century:

“Hearing music merits no worth, as even a duck will hear music. Listening to music requires effort and education”.

-Igor Stravinsky

Minimum entry should be one long, complete paragraph. College level spelling, grammar, and punctuation is expected and required.

Do not stray away from the topic and present your original thoughts in a clear and concise manner. Never copy and paste from any website. Your entry must be 100% original.