Module 1: Portfolio Milestone, assignment help

For Option #1, you are a salesperson for an international sales organization of your choice. You should select the organization, the product or service you will be selling, and the prospective customer. You will create a 3-4 slide presentation using a program such as Prezi, PowerPoint, Google Slides (or a similar program) to introduce your selected organization, and the product or service you sell to your prospective customer.

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Module 1 Milestone: Identifying Prospective Customers

  • Identify a prospective customer, including the customer’s name, the industry, and a brief description of his or her needs.
  • Identify your total market offering: Consider what you could potentially sell to the prospective customer.

Refer to the Portfolio Project grading rubric available in the Module 8 Folder for information on grading details.

This must be done in the perspective of a man.