Models of Service Delivery

Read Chapter 6 “Models of Service Delivery”
 Answer the following questions and submit to the Dropbox:
o Explain the differences among the medical model, the public
health model, and the human services model.
o What principles of the medical model and the public health
model are present in the human service model?
o Compare the treatment of the use and abuse of opioid pain
prescription drugs in the three service delivery models.
o List the key factors that contributed to the development of the
human service model.
All Weekly Assignments are to be typed using APA formatting.
You must type the questions and the answers; make sure that your
spelling and grammar are correct. Put a lot of thought into your
assignments and provide examples of what you are trying to say.
This will help your writing overall. A cover page is not required. If
you are required to conduct research, make sure that you utilize
proper APA citation, I have provided you with a resource for this
on the Content Module

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