MN506 unit 9 group The Supreme Court, health and medicine homework help

Please elaborate more on specific strategies that are used to put these legislative actions into motion. Below is what i have so far. Please include in text citations. Thanks

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The Supreme Court in most countries has discerned that there can be a risk inherent in permitting the physicians assisted suicide or dying. The Supreme Court has also found at these risks “can be easily identified and also minimized substantially. The way of minimizing can be achieved through a carefully designed system by imposing stringent limits. The stringent limit imposed can be carefully monitored and enforced. In this case the section gives an overview of all the common risk that is associated with the legalization of physician-assisted suicide. There is also a potential safeguards that can be put in place to mitigate or reduce the risks as much as possible. These risks can therefore be categorized in to two groups: for instance the individual risks that are related either to the one who is seeking assistance or help in dying and to physician as well as the other healthcare providers. In other cases the healthcare providers can be asked to provide or give such help or assistance thus the broader societal risks. This in most case includes the concerns in regards or relation to the vulnerable or susceptible population and generally the society.

The Supreme Court has also held that physician –assisted suicide or dying an d it is therefore compulsory for them to be permitted in circumstances regarding a mentally competent person. Therefore it has been in a position to express voluntary and free decisions which do not have coercion or pressure from others. Mental competency assessment, informed consent and may be other any other external influences are important on the medical decision of the person through it can be difficult in any medical context. Therefore this helps in accurate assessment especially in the context of a request for physician –assisted dying or suicide where the consequences in the death of the particular patient.


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