military english hw 0

1.    In most COIN operations, insurgents hold a distinct advantage in their level of local knowledge. They speak the language, move easily within the society, and are more likely to understand the population’s interests. Thus, effective COIN operations require a greater emphasis on certain skills. What do you think Soldiers need to know to gain an understanding of the environment and understand and apply intelligence? Be sure to include how the specific knowledge will give them an advantage in the operation.



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2.   Why is terrain analysis an important part of mission planning? Be sure to include one of the following aspects in your response: variables, urban, military, or civilian.




3.   Cultural awareness is receiving an ever-increasing focus from leaders, trainers, and operators at all echelons throughout the Army. More so than in any recent conflict, Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) required Soldiers to interact and operate within a foreign and often hostile culture each day. While cultural understanding and training is critical, the use, implementation, quality, and understanding of culture—from the individual Soldier to the highest command echelons—vary dramatically. A consistent theme from all echelons during Operation Iraqi Freedom was the importance of the transition training (right seat/left seat rides) with incoming Soldiers during relief in place (RIP) operations. From a cultural view point, why do you think this kind of training proved invaluable? Provide an example (real or hypothetical) that supports your answer.



150 sentence per question.