Microsoft Applications Project (3-4 pages), writing homework help

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This project involves integrating all the MS (Microsoft) applications you have learned. You must submit the completed file to your Assignments Folder in our online classroom. Select one of the topics listed below discussed in CMST 303 and write a brief 3-4 page paper. Note: most of these topics are broad so you can choose to complete the assignment on just one aspect of one of these topics. For instance, for the topic Software Piracy, you might choose to discuss/research the effects of software piracy on the economy over the last 10 years, etc. If you are unsure about the scope of your topic, please contact me for clarification.

Choose a topic from the below list: 

Storage Devices

Communication Devices

Information Systems

System Unit

Input Devices

System Software

Application Software

Computer Networks

Network Topologies




Internet Services

Computer Hardware

Software Piracy

Collaboration Options

Managing Database Objects

Object Linking and Embedding

Advanced Database and Data Management

Integrating Microsoft Office Applications


Your paper must include the following required specifications (points/grading value is listed after each item; total 100 points, 15% of overall grade): 

  1. The paper must follow APA guidelines (REQUIRED) (review APA/American Psychological Association style on their web site at = 10 points.
  2. The paper must be typed double-spaced with one inch margins and 12-point font = 5 points.
  3. You must define/introduce the topic = 5 points.
  4. Include a separate section for each component (that is, you must include main and side headings) = 5 points.
  5. State the benefits or advantages and relevance of your topic = 5 points.
  6. Use styles for the section headings, captions, body text, etc. = 5 points.
  7. Include headers or footers with automatic page numbers = 5 points.
  8. Include a table of contents that is automatically generated = 5 points.
  9. Include a chart from an Excel Spreadsheet = 5 points.
  10. Include a slide from a PowerPoint presentation = 5 points.
  11. Include and cite at least 5 professional sources (at least two sources must be Journal articles). Clarification 1: Do not use Wikipedia or Web sites that have undated postings with no authors. You are strongly encouraged to use the UMUC library’s electronic databases to find current and appropriate resources. Sources = 10 points.
  12. Manage your sources using Word’s Reference tools. Note: MS Word is not quite up-to-date with the latest APA citation rules so please verify and correct after using the Word Reference tool. Keep in mind that this is only a tool to help speed the process along.
  13. Generate your Reference (Bibliography/Work’s Cited — auto-generate) page using Word’s Reference tools. Please note that all sources in the Bibliography must also be cited in the body of the text. Auto-generated = 5 points.
  14. Include a cover page with your name and the title of your paper = 3 points.
  15. All information used must be in your own words unless using a direct quote. In other words, do not copy and paste information directly from your sources into the paper. Writing = 10 points.
  16. The paper must have a minimum of 3 pages, and a maximum of 4 pages, not including the bibliography, table of contents, and cover pages (thus 6 to 7 pages total) = 6 points.
  17. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. must be correct = 8 points.
  18. The document must be saved using the following protocol: LastNameFirstinitials_Writing Assignment. For example: UdehK_Writing Assignment = 3 points.

Paper Format: APAAPA 6th Edition format is required for this assignment. If you are not familiar with APA format, please familiarize yourself with APA style. Points will be deducted for failure to follow APA format. Please use all the help you can from the UMUC library, the resource is available for all students.

ReferencesYour references should appear in a Reference section, in compliance with APA format.