MGT 2310 – Organizational Behavior – Case Analysis and Recommendations

1) 4-5 pages, 1.5 line space.

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Reference book: Organizational Behavior – A Practical, Problem-solving Approach. by Kinicki
Fugate, Mc Graw Hill Education

2) Analyze the main issues of this case using the course concepts we have already covered. Please write a report with your analysis and recommendations.

3) Here is a brief guideline about writing a case study analysis, however there are a lot of online guides you can use beyond this one. Please explore other guides as well.

4) Here are several questions about this case to get you started, but you don’t need to keep your analysis limited to answering these questions:

  1. What were the major changes made to the design of the pilot compensation package at Xiamen Airlines? How did these changes help to improve employee motivation?
  2. Besides salaries and bonuses, what were some of the other HR/leadership practices that Xiamen Airlines used to retain experienced pilots and increase their engagement?
  3. If you were the HR director at Xiamen Airlines, what would be your concerns about the new compensation system, and how would you plan to address them?