Memory Solitaire

Test your memory and reflect on ways to improve it. For this option, you will play an online memory game and then connect your experience playing the game with memory strategies that you can use for learning new information.

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Step 1: Go to the Exploratorium website link below and follow the instructions. (Note: you will want to have a pen and sheet of paper next to you.) Complete the tasks on the website. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Step 2: Write a two paragraph reflection by responding to the questions below. Form solid paragraphs and use proper grammar and spelling please. You do not have to have a cover page. You can submit your work as a Word document, pdf document, (recommended options), or type directly into the dropbox (not suggested).

  1. One of the module level objectives states, “Identify strategies for improving the encoding, storage, and retrieval of memory.” Does the strategy provided on the Exploratorium website helps you to improve encoding, storage, and retrieval. Explain your thoughts on how it improves those processes. (1 paragraph response meaning 5-8 sentences)
  2. Explain how you can use the memory strategies you practiced on the Exploratorium website in the future. Why would the strategy work better for certain learning sets compared to others? Do you think this is a good strategy for you? Why or why not? What other memory enhancing strategies could you use? (Hint: Go back to section 8.4 in the textbook.)