Medical Ethics 5 page Essay

I need help writing an analytical paper in medical ethics. The topic is

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  1. Thomson argues that an abortion is morally permissible as long as both

    1. it does not violate the fetus’s right to life and

    2. it is not morally indecent.

  2. What is her notion of moral (in)decency (i.e., do some conceptual analysis!)?

  3. What, in her mind, makes some abortions fit that category and not others?

  4. Now suppose that a moderate conservative, such as Marquis, claims that almost all abortions fall into the category of morally indecent.

  5. Articulate how you think they would explain and defend that claim.

  6. Then articulate how you think Thomson could reply.

  7. Lastly, which side do you think has the upper hand on this matter? Why?