MBA 705 Milestone fix the essays

Need help addressing the feedback from the professor – i will attached the papers and rubrics.

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the business idea needs more development – needs to be as real as possible

Paper 1 Feedback

MBA 705 Milestone One Rubric feedback: Think you have some major issues here and maybe we should speak by telephone about this before we get to far along in the course. Please email me to set up a call if you choose to do so.
Main Elements: You have headings for all the sections.
Critical Thinking: Initially you focus on automated production capability and later in the paper you mention autonomous vehicles. Which is your proposed business development opportunity? And don’t these programs already exist – certainly automate production is a given in this industry.
Problem or Opportunity: The problems that Ford may or may not have in the market are separate from what you are proposing and again what you are proposing is not a new activity.
Competition: What does “flooding the market with cheap second hand cars” mean in this context?
Innovation: Not identified.
Articulation of Response: Add an abstract and be consistent in paragraph/heading formatting’s.

Paper 2 Feedback

MBA 705 Milestone Two Rubric feedback: Some sections were very well done but some were not – logic is missing which may cause your feasibility and financial justification to be problematic. How much will this cost and how much will need to be added to the vehicle price – will customers find the price/value relationship to be worth it?
Critical Thinking: This is a very optimistic project and will need to be well thought through but it is better than where you started with the first week’s assignments.
Physical and Technological Resources: Far outside of your company’s core competencies and this needs more expansion and planning.
Implementation Schedule: Not realistic. Technology developments, partnerships, design and outfitting vehicles can not be done in a matter of weeks. Part of the business judgement is to understand the reality of these actions.
Intrapreneurship or Entrepreneurship: Risk is not an entrepreneurial factor.

Articulation of Response: Add page numbers