Maybe around 2 pages more. The paper almost finished but need some serious editing

I would need some help with e-cig and juul reserach. It’s almost finished I just need some touch ups(ill update more) and a couple pages more to finish it.

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1. Make all the references match with the citation. MLA style
2. Put the research essay into the template and correctly linked with the content page.
3. Find some graph or picture content to support content of the essay.
4. Make Introduction/Executive Summary and Conclusion
5. Edit/restructuring the essay to make it more than just a copy/paste material
6. Make the essay have structure:
a. Introduction
b. Body (I will be on the side against the use of e-cigs and Juul)
i. The rise of Juul and E-Ciggaretes
ii. The negative effects of Juul and E-cigarretes to society
iii. What business gets from the rise of e-cigs and Juul
c. Conclusion
d. Works Cited