Managing Human Resource Systems: Chapter Review Questions – Management (3 pages)

Part 1 – Chapter 11

  • 1) Outline the basic process for human resource planning.
  • 2) Explain how different employment laws affect human resource practice. List and define three of the major laws affecting human resource practice.
  • 3) What are the two types of recruiting? How do companies use recruiting to find qualified job applicants?
  • 4) What selection procedures do companies use during the hiring process?
  • 5) Compare structured and unstructured interviews.
  • 6) Describe the types of selection tests that companies use to evaluate job candidates.
  • 7) What methods can managers use to accurately measure employee job performance and provide meaningful performance feedback?
  • 8) What kinds of decisions do managers face when designing employee compensation?
  • 9) What are the four kinds of employee separation?
  • 10) What is the difference between functional and dysfunctional turnover? What is the relationship between turnover and employee separations?

Part 2 – Chapter 11

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