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Prepare a case study analysis of Case 2 “Ann Taylor:
Survival in Specialty Retail” found in the Cases section of your digital

  • Closely adhere to the Case Study Analysis Template by
    clicking on the hyperlink. Please utilize this template format for this
    Assignment. Use titles and subtitles per the format for readability

    upon the idea of the company’s balanced scorecard and control systems
    to guide and monitor its strategy implementation in order to help move
    Ann Taylor competitively forward. Please include the SWOT analysis with
    the four quadrants in the appendix of your paper (after the References
    page). You can find the case study SWOT analysis template in Doc

    Assignment Checklist:

    • Conduct a SWOT analysis on the case study company’s current lack of strategic control.
    • Create
      a case study analysis focusing on the company’s challenge relative to
      strategic control through a balanced scorecard and implementation.



    Ok. Please take care of this assignment for me.

    Here is the link to the Case Study for the assignment. I will need to
    have the assignment be more than 2 pages long, not including the
    reference page or the SWOT. Need at least one other reference besides
    the case study.