M4: Textbook Exercise – Fallacy Quiz Creation

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M4:  Textbook Exercise – Fallacy Quiz Creation

1. Create a logical fallacy quiz for your classmates.  Use the document provided herePreview the documentView in a new window to create your quiz.

  • Create an example for each of the logical fallacies discussed in Chapter 6.  There will be fourteen examples total. (40 points)

  *Do not give the answers to your examples!

  *Mix up the examples so they are not in the same order given in the textbook.

  *Use the Fallacy Quiz Worksheet sheet to help you organize your quiz.           

  • Save the quiz and attach the file here.

2.  Open up a classmate’s quiz, save the attachment, and type in your answers to the examples.

3.  Save your answers to the quiz and attach it here as a reply to the student’s quiz you took. Or you can type the answers to the questions directly in the reply. (10 points)

 NOTE:  Even though the Ch. 6 test is all multiple choice, it is VERY difficult.  This practice quiz will give you a very good idea of whether or not you are grasping the concept of fallacies in argument.  I would encourage you to take more than one quiz for the practice!

4. Grade all classmate’s answers to the quiz you posted and let them know the results.