Low Wages, Strong Backs, political science homework help

Thesis: “The two readings “Low Wages, Strong Backs” by Tom Meagher and “No Sweat” Rubi Garyfalakis have a similar subject, however, they have a different focus and are not equally credible”

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  • General introduction briefly describing each article (Little summary… “This article by … talks about”)
  • Thesis (stated above)


  • Topic sentences for each paragraph that relate back to the thesis
  • Supporting evidence (examples from the articles) for every claim (topic sentence) made, (all ideas that are NOT your own must be cited)


  • Sums up the argument
  • Can re-state thesis in other words
  • Does NOT introduce new information

My three points which you are comparing and contrasting are (a paragraph needed for each with examples from both readings in each paragraph):

1) SIMILAR TOPIC/Subject. Both discuss workers are exploited

2) : FOCUS

Newspaper article (focuses on low-wage workers in N.J., USA; mostly newcomers) and the consequences

Essay (focuses on sweatshop workers in Bangladeshi; mostly women and children) and the positive effects/benefits of sweat shops

3) Not equally credible.

Newspaper: interviews, first hand observations, and stating statistics

Essay: References published research

I’ve attached the first reading “no sweat” The second reading can be found here: http://www.tommeagher.com/files/clips/templife.pdf