Logic (philosophy), philosophy homework help

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Exercise 06

[06.1]    “Reconstruct” the argument given below, and then

[06.2]    “Evaluate” it as well.

                The streets are now wet.

                Therefore, it must have rained.


Exercise 14

  Symbolize the following so as to reveal as much structure as possible.

   (Specify the abbreviations you use.)

   NB: Make a distinction between the 2 kinds of disjunction, inclusive & exclusive

[14.1]   The greatest basketball player ever to play the game is either Michael

           Jordan or Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

[14.2]   It’s going to snow on Christmas eve or on New Year’s eve.

[14.3]   Either this sentence is true or it’s false.

[14.4]   Abortion is either murder or it’s a harmless form of birth control.


Exercise 16 

[16-1]   Explain why the truth-table for conditional is called

            “Material” Conditional by explaining the difference between:

            (1) using a conditional as non-truth-functional, and

            (2) using it as truth-functional.

[16-2]   Determine the truth value of the following conditional statement

           used as a material conditional:

            If the earth is flat,

            then the earth stops rotating around the sun.


Exercise 17 … (For-Credit: 1 point)

   Let X be “Adam is mortal.”

   Let Y be “Adam is a human being.”

   Complete the followings sentences

   with “sufficient” or “necessary”:

      X is ___________ for Y.

      Y is ___________ for X.