Literature Review of Topic (business trend) within Project Management

Write a literature review of the information regarding a topic in Project Management of your choosing. Be sure to include the following in your literature review:

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A brief overview of the topic you chose that addresses the following, including:

  • How it is a business trend?
  • Why did you choose this business topic?
  • How does it relate to your business specialization?

A literature review that incorporates at least ten scholarly resources that address the following:

  • Explains the basis of seminal theories of research concerning this business trend and who created the theories.
  • Analyzes the evolution of the theory and the business trend (scholar and practitioner).
  • Synthesizes the current research regarding the business trend, including current theories and practices associated with the trend.

A summary of your findings regarding this business trend and an evaluation of whether this is a topic you would consider for your dissertation.

Length: 8 – 10 pages

References: Include a minimum of 10 scholarly resources.