Literature questions

Please download the attached PDF and complete the exam at your own
pace and convenience during the exam period: LIT 273 Exam One SU 2019.pdf (Posted Below)

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Create a Word document in MLA format: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

You may then record your responses as numbered items to reflect the
exam sections and numbers (Part I: Passage 2; Part II, 1), 2), 3), and
so on).

Content:Each exam will cover the readings
and course material for a particular time period: circa 2 weeks of
material on each exam during the 4 -week summer session. The exam will
be a combination of textual passage identifications/analyses,
short-answer questions/topics, and short essays on topics developed from
the reading,discussion,and/or informal writing assignments and
activities. Exam writing is formal writing which usually takes the form
of a critical analysis that reflects your interpretation and ideas about
the readings. (All readings are posted below)

The only required sources are the primary texts themselves and course
materials : this is an“open book” test, and students are encouraged to
consult the readings in order to support their responses.Outside sources
and discussion forum messages may be used or referred to, but they need
to be cited correctly and completely in standard MLA format in order to
uphold academic integrity.

Attached are the instructions for the work….