Literary Artistic Biography topic:E. M. Forster Howard’s End

Homework 1: Literary Artistic Biography Topic:E. M. Forster Howards End

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Part of the directions for paper #1 state: You will be required to use four sources in your research. One source must be at least one primary text i.e. a novel, film, painting, performance, or poem. The second and third sources must be from either a book of criticism or an article from a literary database. The fourth source maybe from the internet, but cannot be fromWikipedia, an online encyclopedia, or personal blogs.

Part 1

  1. Find the primary text or texts you will be using for your Paper 1 and briefly write a paragraph stating its historical importance. If the text is a novel, play or poem, uses quotes from that text. If it is a painting or film provide a link to the text.

Part 2

  • Find one of your critical sources.
  • Remember this source must come from either a critical essay found in a book of criticism or an article from one of the databases.
  • Briefly argue why this is a useful source for your project.
  • In support of your argument you will use a relevant quotation from the critical source.

General Instructions:

  • Include your name, date, and word count in the left corner
  • Title this informal paper with the title you might consider for your formal paper one
  • Include an MLA intext citation for paraphrased or quoted material
  • Include a correct MLA works cited page for both the primary text and critical source
  • Use the instructions for paper #1 to guide your selection of sources.
  • Use Purdue Owl to help you with intext and works cited citations.
  • Use of good grammar and spelling is assumed.
  • Your paper must be between 250 and 500 words
  • If you have more than one page include page numbers
  • Papers not meeting the required word requirement will lose 1 point for every word missing.

  • I’m adding a link to this e-mail that will help you with questions you might have about how to write and research a literary paper.