Literacy in the Content Area Resource Binder

Create an online binder of multimedia, children’s literature, and technology resources that support literacy in content area instruction. This binder is intended to be a living resource that you can add to over time and share with fellow educators. Before creating your binder, select a range of grade levels for your resources: K-3 or 4-6.

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Use the LiveBinders website to create your online binder. You will need to create a free account with LiveBinders before starting your binder. The website has a tutorial that will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a LiveBinder for the purpose of this assignment. Note: You may use a different resource to create your online binder with instructor approval.

Include the following topics and information in your binder. Each topic on the following list should be one “tab” in your binder:

  • Tab #1: Websites – Locate and add URLs for at least five websites that address content area literacy. Include a description of each website and explain how you could use the site to support content area reading and writing. The websites selected for this tab should not be used in any of the other tabs.
  • Tab #2: Software – Include descriptions of at least five types of software that support content area literacy. Include a link to the software websites, if available.
  • Tab #3: Media Tools – Include descriptions of at least five media tools that support content area literacy. Include a link to the media tool websites, if available
  • Tab #4: Children’s Literature – Locate at least five children’s books that could be used to teach concepts in three different content areas (e.g., math, science, social studies). Choose five books for each content area (for a total of 15 books). For each book, include the title, author, a brief description of the book, and an explanation of how it could be used to support learning in the identified content area.
  • Tab #5: Internet Safety, Cyber Ethics, and Website Evaluation – Locate at least five websites, videos, articles, or lesson plans that address the teaching of Internet safety, cyber ethics, and website evaluation to elementary students. Include the links to each resource’s website along with a brief description of each resource.
  • Tab #6: Multicultural Components – Select one resource from each of the five tabs and write a brief reflection telling how each of the selected resources addresses multiculturalism. Explain how you plan to evaluate future resources for multicultural components.