letters, reports, and memos

Letters, Reports and Memos

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Due: 11:59 p.m. EST, Sunday of Unit 2Points: 100


This week you will choose from a set of topics based upon the first 5 chapters of the text. To demonstrate your understanding of the content and to practice your research and your writing skills, you will be writing a report, letter or memo following APA.


Using what you have learned in chapters 1 through 5 you will be writing a report/letter/memo that is about one of the following topics:

  • Discuss the pros and cons of requiring audit firm rotation and shareholder ratification of audit firms. Please make a recommendation to the client about how they proceed.
  • Discuss the controversy of whether to allow major auditing firms to also operate aconsulting practice. Please make a recommendation to the partner of your firm abouthow to proceed.
  • Discuss the “soft skills” needed by accounting students in today’s businessenvironment. Please make a recommendation to the Dean of the accounting departmentat the local university about which “soft skills” should be emphasized in their accountingcurriculum.Please be sure to include scholarly research and support for your findings as you address the questions outlined above in your submission. Also, please note, the textbook outlines specific requirements for memos, letters and papers. Be sure your submission incorporates these required elements. Thank you!APA formatting is required for your submission. Be sure to review the use of APA formattingand scholarly source assistance located in the “Writing Tips” area of our class to assist you.