Legal Research, law assignment help

Complete parts 1, 2, and 3 of a plan of research to use selected sources in Use the following template below to complete the assignment.

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Part 1 is just reading. Parts 2 and 3 require you to type out sources you plan to use to get an overview and strategy for organized research. Remember that this is a strategy that involves skimming general sources, then compiling possible search terms and methods to use.

For this week’s assignment you are creating an outline of your research plan. A little bit of Lexis leg work is required for this assignment, but you’ll be saving the “heavy lifting” research and analysis for future weeks. Think of it as skimming, compiling, and listing. Even though you are not digging deep in your research yet, you still need to demonstrate that you have thought about the issue, put some time into a general Lexis search on the topic, and identified sources.

Regarding form:

Use the template provided by me as a basic outline, AND DON’T WORRY ABOUT TRACKING!

Provide a clean, well-organized paper. Be sure to include information beyond the examples provided in the template (I’ll be checking for original content using the “compare” feature in Word).

You do not have to have an introduction, narrative and conclusion. Just follow the basic outline.

Essential elements

In grading your assignment, I will be looking for you to include the following in your outlines. Bullet points are okay, although, you still might need to put enough detail in your bullet point for me to understand the meaning. (Single words or brief phrases might not be enough for some of these.)

Part 1: Description of problem (done for you)

Part 2: Compile General Sources.

A. List ideas of general sources you will look to to do your research.

B. List general sources you have relied on so far.

Show two excerpts from the articles or sources you selected, and include citation.

Part 3

A. Skim and read selections from the overview sources.

B. List facts from the case that may be relevant to searches and those that initially are irrelevant.

C. Compile legal terms and facts that may aid in searches.

D. Jurisdiction—clearly state the jurisdiction you are talking about. (What state.)

E. Statutes. Is there a statute in your home state that makes it illegal to possess chemicals that can be used to make methamphetamines?

F. List broad and narrow words to help you in your search (Consider synonyms and antonyms.)

G. Try either “TAPP” or “TARP” to remind you of fact-based search terms.

Do not complete step 4, the detailed legal research of multiple sources of multiple types.


I have also uploaded powerpoint slides to help you through this.