Leadership and Performance in the Workplace Paper, assignment help

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Read the following scenario:

Woody’s Veneer
Factory has contacted you because the board wants their organization to
be evaluated to determine the reasons for loss of money, increases in
garbage fees, and loss of production. The data given to you shows that
veneer production is at its lowest point and the cost of recycled
material disposal has nearly doubled in the past quarter.

On the day your team
went to meet the factory superintendent, Max Barath, you saw one of the
floor managers, Dave Flores, outside of Max’s office with a bag of ice
over his eye. When the team inquired about the injury, Max stated, “It’s
not a big deal. The quality control officer, Ken Howk, got upset with
Dave and got in a little fight. Don’t worry about it. These two are old
high school chums and this kind of thing happens now and then.”

Through several
weeks of your assessment, your team has noticed troubling occurrences
happening in the factory. The factory managers that are located on the
top floor are very abrasive and condescending to the people on the
floor. There is a definite ‘us versus them’ attitude. There is also a
lack of communication. Most of the communication is done on a bulletin
board out front.

Your team has also
noticed that the floor workers are grinding up some of the good veneer.
Management believes this is happening, so they are sneaking up in the
cat walks to try to catch the floor workers in the act. But the floor
workers have placed spies to watch out for the managers, particularly in
the administrative areas next to the management offices. Whenever a
manager comes out of the office, the administrative staff will call or
text down to the floor to let the workers know so they can stop grinding
up the good veneer. In addition, several employees on the floor are
used as look outs and use hand signals to let everyone know what is
going on.

You are tasked to give a full report to the investors who pay for this factory.

Provide at least two examples of leadership theories and how to
implement them in order to improve the relationship between management
and floor workers.

This is a group assignment and the above bullet is my part. At least 350 words please

Include at least three references. This is for the whole group. I need 1 or 2 references

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.